History of the Game Angry Birds

Angry Birds already has 250 million plus downloads in the world but out of those millions of Angry Birds gamers only a few knows about the history and many cool facts about Rovio Mobile and its best selling video game they made. This time we have compiled tons of information about one of the most exciting games of the 20th century, Angry Birds.

Company History

Rovio was established in year 2003 and its name back then was Relude. It was 2 years after the inception that they changed it into a household name which most of us recognize – Rovio. It was Kim Dikert, Niklas Hed (now COO), and Jarno Väkeväinen who founded the so-called Relude. The three were students before; they joined a game development tourney which was sponsored by Nokia and HP. They emerged victorious by creating a real time multiplayer game called “King of the Cabbage World”.

The game “King of the Cabbage World” was the engine starter for the three and the thing that pushed them to create a small company which was named Relude.

One of the company’s essential needs is funds. It is a prerequisite and life of any business for it to run. That’s why the trio sold their first creation to Sumea (current name Digital Chocolate) to gain funds for the operation of the Relude. The King of the Cabbage World name was changed to Mole War which later turns out into the first ever commercial real-time multiplayer mobile game.

In early 2005, Relude became a beneficiary of a small investment and then later, they modified the company name to Rovio Mobile.

Rovio Mobile Investors List

  • Niklas Zennstrom – Angel Investor
  • Felicis Ventures – Super Angel
  • Atomico Ventures – Venture Capital
  • Accel Partners – Venture Capital

Famous Rovio Mobile Management Team

  • CEO – Mikael Hed
  • COO – Niklas Hed
  • CMO – Peter Vesterbacka aka “Mighty Eagle”
  • VP of Franchise Development – Ville Heijari

Angry Birds History

The development of Angry Birds was started in March 2009. After the successful creation of the development team of Rovio, they released the game in December 2009 and the next is history. Angry Birds became the number one game app in Finland. It took US and UK by storm where Apple’s participation was the key to make it all happen.

As of now, Angry Birds continues it platform invasion. It is currently available in 11 platforms and plans to enter the number one social networking site facebook. Rovio also wants to become an iconic entertainment brand like Disney and has already taken actions to promote Angry Birds in Asia.

List of Angry Birds Platforms

  • iOs
  • Android
  • Maemo/MeeGo
  • Palm webOS
  • Symbian^3
  • Mac OsX
  • Wii U
  • Windows
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • PSP
  • WebGL

Other Angry Birds Versions

Angry Birds Awards and Distinctions

15th Webby Awards – Won, Best Mobile Game and People’s Voice Award

UK Appy Awards – Won, Best Game App and App of the Year for 2011

IGN (Imagine Games Network) – Won, Fourth Best iPhone Game of all Time

6th annual International Mobile Gaming Awards – Nominated, Best Casual Game Award

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